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About US

Connells Point Rovers Football club (CPRFC) is a non for profit organization and community based club. It was established in 1966 and has grown to become one of the largest sporting clubs in the St George area with over 70 teams across all ages, our club has teams in all age groups for boys and girls from under 6 years old through to all ages and over 35s, including female only teams in all ages.

Our home ground is Poulton Park, is equipped with state of the art synthetic pitch for all age groups and playing formats, plus an amenities block for our member to enjoy.

Our home strip is made up of sky blue, black shorts and sky blue socks.

Poulton Park is locate at Morse Head drive, South Hurstville, NSW


Connells Point Football Club welcome players, supporters from all backgrounds
creed, culture and gender to participate in football. United with a dream of being
better footballers and members of our community.

We aim to create positive career pathways for our young footballers to follow and
achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions.

Connells Point Football Club is committed to providing a quality football experience
whereby our players, parent, coaches and volunteers can flourish and develop a
passion for football.

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