Registration Process for Season 2021

Welcome to CPRFC registration process before you start Click here to download our 2021 Season Handout this will give you a basic overview of the key FAQs information, policies, event dates as well as relevant contact numbers for the committee members of the club.

CPRFC strongly supports the behaviour expectations as stated in the CPRFC Code of Conduct. When you accept the terms and conditions it indicates that you are aware of and will adhere to the CPRFC Code of Conduct.

Online Registration process:


1. Apply for NSW Office of Sport Active Kids program voucher:

If you intend to use this voucher for CPRFC, first you must apply online at Service NSW (this needs to be done before you register), with the following link:

Once complete, you will be emailed a voucher code for use within the registration process in the next step below.

2. Playfootball website:

Please use the links below based upon the player you are registering for:

• Junior Players (from 5 year to 18 years of age)
• Senior Players (All Age to Over 45s)
• RTO's (Volunteers, Coaches or Managers)

3. ONLY, If you are a new player to CPRFC

We will need you to upload a copy of your ID, Birth Certificate, License or valid passport.

Make sure you complete the registration process and payment before you fill this form as you will need your FFA Number as reference.

As an extra step we also need you to download and install our CPRFC TeamApp, it free and this is our main form of comunication throughout the season, here you will find our lates new and noticifications, from game cancelation to updated schedules.

Steps in process on Playfootball website:

  • Welcome Screen
    Click on ‘Get Started’ in blue box at the base of the page

  • My Account
    Click on ‘Already have an account?’ in blue in the middle of the page.
    This will bring you to the ‘sign in’ page – pls enter your email address and password

  • Select the person you are registering for

  • Click on the person you are registering for, scroll down to the base of the page and click ‘continue’ in the blue box

  • Product Select

  • Club – this will default to Connells Point FC

  • Role – pls select ‘Player’

  • Football Type – pls select ‘Club Football’

  • Playing Level – pls select ‘Community’
    Then scroll down and select the right product package according to your age and category

  • Product Details
    You will now be directed to a page with the package pricing for your player you are registering for Click ‘Continue’ in blue at the base of the page

  • Participant Details / Parent/Guardian Details / Other Personal Information
    Enter all relevant personal details – including your school (which may have changed)

  • Organisational Specific Information
    To assist our club, could you pls kindly help us with the information as requested 
    Then scroll down to the base of the page and click ‘continue’ in the blue box.

  • Profile Photo
    Upload a current 2021 version of your player photo

  • International Transfer Certificate
    Select which is relevant

  • Review your order
    Review all your details and accept the terms and conditions – including reading, reviewing and accepting the CPRFC Disclaimer

  • Payment
    Insert details of your Active Kids voucher
    Enter your credit card details
    Then click ‘Pay Now’

  • Your Registration is Now Complete
    You are now pending awaiting approval or pending awaiting payment.
    The Club Registrar will now complete the final step of accepting your registration.
    We will contact you directly to advise the next steps.

    Note regarding Family Discounts in 2021
    Please note that due to the changed registration conditions in 2020, we have had to change the way achieve their family discount. Family discount still applies to Junior Members, however, you will need to pay online and then request a rebate from the Club Treasurer. Please send an email to including the names of the registrants for season 2020. Please allow 14 days for your rebate to be processed. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Where do I go for help?

  • FAQ’s on the MyFootballClub website

  • Player resources (Videos/Manuals) which are under the resources section.

  • Call FFA Call Centre on (02) 8020 4199 or email particularly if you are having problems finding yourself or retrieving your password because your email is not matching.