Coaching Young Players

The most important aspect about coaching young children is to remember that they are children and all they want to do is have fun.

With the correct technique and direction young players can learn, develop and have fun at the same time.

Tips for new coaches

1. Try to plan every session and have some drills in mind in case your plans fail.

2. Enroll and regularly navigate through the Ajax Training System.

3. Teach the basics of football, passing, receiving and communication in isolation. 

4. Avoid making players line up for more than 2-3 minutes waiting for their turn. 

5. Always remember that we are coaching little kids who are just understanding and building their love for football. Never get angry or frustrated with them. Try to understand as coaches why things are not working and don’t forget you need to enjoy it as well. 

Hopefully you can use these simple and basic guidelines when you’re coaching your teams. 



In addition to this Connells Point Rovers FC also offer The Friday Night Football Clinic please click the link below for more information.



Essential skills that any player has to master:
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Tips for young players

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Important note for all spectatores:
Please remember that all club officials including coaches and managers are volumteering their personal time to help young children to develop their football skills.

As an speactator of young children playing sports, always show respect for the officials, players and their family members. Encouraging positive behaviour is more important than highlighting  the negative.


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