Updated: Feb 15

Dear member thank you for registering to play with Connells Point Rovers FC (CPRFC) this season. Although we still have spots available we will be holding our team organization days for our NON- COMPETITION teams and our JUNIOR teams as per the schedule below.


Morse head Drive, Hurstville Grove

Tuesday 15th February

Age Division Time U12 Boys 5:00pm U11G Girls 5:00pm U12G Girls 5:00pm U13 Boys 6:00pm


Wednesday 16th February

Age Division Time U16 Boys 5:00pm U17 Boys 6:00pm U18 Boys 6:00pm U16G Girls 6:00pm U17-21G Girls 6:00pm AAW AAW 7:00pm


Thursday 17th February

Age Division Time U14 Boys 5:00pm U14G Girls 5:00pm U15 Boys 5:00pm


Tuesday 22nd February

Age Division Time U6 Mix 5:00pm U6G Girls 5:00pm U8 Mix 6:00pm U8G Girls 5:00pm


Wednesday 23rd February

Age Division Time U10 Mix 5:00pm U10G Girls 5:00pm U11 Mix 6:00pm


Thursday 24th February

Age Division Time U7 Mix 5:00pm U7G Girls 5:00pm U9 Mix 5:00pm U9G Girls 5:00pm

Please make sure you have already register with CPRFC, bring soccer boot shin pads and a bottle of water. If you would like to register click the registration button

In order to receive our latest news please download our TeamApp, this is our main way of communication to all members. 1. Download Team App from the Apple or Google Play app store. 2. Sign up to Team App. You will be sent an email to confirm your registration.

3. Log into the App and search for "Connells Point Rovers FC" 4. Choose your applicable access group(s) and make sure you set notifications to ON.

Note: this schedule is subject to changes pending on weather conditions CPRFC