Team List Delays Explanation

I would like to explain the reasons surrounding why some teams members still have not been notified.

We had to put teams together for sgfa last weekend after the grading . We can only put players that are fully paid whether or not we graded them into teams. If we dont have 11 members to a team that team cant be formed . We had very tight numbers this year from U12-U14 making very hard to form the team when up to 5 poeple in each age still werent registered . That is where the trouble begins . Hence we dont want to release team names until we can be sure that we dont then have to change teams again . The Non comp teams dont have to be in at sgfa until this weekend so we have to wait until we have definite numbers as registrations are still coming in with requests to join team ,and if they are complet they have to be redone .

I hope to have the missing teams finalised tonight and out tomorrow. Thank you for your patience as each year we have the same problem but in the end it all works out and no one remembers the trouble . i would like to thank Steve Matthews for his tireless work doing the registrars job as well as everything he still has to complete at the beginning of a seson . We are always looking for more volunteers to lessen the work load .

The Commitee

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