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Dear Coaches and Managers and parents and players I had the embarrassment last Monday night of attending the Club Delegates meeting where Connells Point Rovers were labelled as the worst disciplined club in the SGFA Competition. In all of the years that I have been involved, we have typically challenged for the SGFA "Fair Play Award". This year, we are the least disciplined club in the SGFA. In all honesty,from what the committee have seen, there is far more noise from the sidelines than previous years; there is more back chat and contempt shown towards the referees than I have ever seen before, there is more swearing on the field both in general and at officials and it is starting to reflect in these statistics. What we all need to understand is that this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. As our reputation grows as an ill disciplined club, then the referees are more alert to our misdemeanours and our statistics will continue to get worse. As a club, we cannot allow this to get any further out of control than it is. The committee are determined to correct these statistics in the last 2 months of the Season. Therefore, please be on notice that ALL yellow card and RED card offences will now be scrutinised by the Committee. If the event is deemed by the club to be something that is against the behaviour code that we need our players, RTO's and supporters to abide by, then any or all of the following actions may be taken: 1) the player/RTO/spectator may be called to front the committee to explain his/her actions. 2) the player/RTO/spectator may face a suspension handed down by the club (in the event that the SGFA hand down a suspension, the club may add to this suspension); and 3) in the worst of situations, termination of membership with Connells Point Rovers FC. Please treat this matter seriously. As RTO's we need to be setting the right example. Clearly this does not apply to all teams and we do understand the issues that we all face, however this is not something that we can allow to fester within the club any more than it already has. With 14 red cards and 109 yellow cards already this season, we are forced to take action. Please see the red card graph below. Thanking you in advance for your consideration and assistance in resolving this matter. Kind Regards, Stephen Matthews President Connells Point Rovers FC

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