Dear CPRFC member, if your team is listed in the setup and pack up duties for the weekend please make sure to follow the instructions below:

Set up duties

  • Poulton 1 and Mini - everything is in the change room

  • Poulton 2 - everything is in the container​

  • Start with line marking if it hasn't already been done.​

  • P1 and P2 - use ladder to fit nets on goals and pegs to secure net to the ground​

  • P1 and P2 - 4 corner posts on each field plus half way flags 1m from sideline.​

  • Take aluminium benches to technical areas​

  • Rope off entire sideline and behind goals as far as possible using rope reels and pigtail posts

  • Put up any advertising signage / banners

​Change room door must remain open to allow easy access to the defibrillator and injury ice packs kept in fridge freezer.

Pack up duties

  • Remove all flags

  • rewind all ropes on reels and collect pigtail posts

  • Remove all signage and pack away aluminium benches​

  • Store everything in either container or change room​

  • Pull shut change room (self locking) and padlock container on P2

  • General tidy up of fields - pick up and bin any rubbish left after days play - bottles, chip packets, electrical tape etc

  • Goals at Poulton 1 and Poulton 2 must be pack away as show in the images below.

  • remove nets and make sure net clips stay with the nets. do not leave this on the ground.

  • Last car out of each carpark to close and lock gates



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