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As you may or may not be aware over the last several years there has unfortunately been a higher amount of heart attacks involving players during a game of soccer. While most of these cases involved the Over 35 player age group, there have been cases (much more rare) of heart attacks of players in their 20s, while playing sport.

As a result of an awareness and fundraising campaign by some good individuals within the St George association, the club was provided with a defibrillator. This defibrillator can be used to save someone who is suffering a heart attack, while playing soccer. It may even be that a member of the public, a parent or grandparent of a child attending a game suffers a heart attack.

This defibrillator is located in the change room next to the canteen at Poulton Park.

We are having a training session (30 mins max) on the use of the defibrillator. This training will be conducted by a fully qualified external person. Any coach, manager, parent or player within the club is welcome to attend.

However we are strongly recommending and ask that senior team players , coaches and managers attend. Please. please, please attend. The more people within the club that know how to use this machine , the greater chance we have of saving a life should the unfortunate situation arise.

The training will be held at Poulton Park at the canteen on Monday Evening 9th May 2016 at 7.30pm sharp. Please be on time.

DATE : Monday 9th May 2016. TIME : 7.30pm LOCATION: Canteen. Poulton Park

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