Set up Roster out .Changes for U8 and U9

Make sure U8 and U9 check there draw as they are paying at Quarry reserve this weekend and have to set up and pack up and lock the shed when finished .


13ASetupPoulton 1Saturday7-May-168:00 AM

PL1PackupPoulton 1Saturday7-May-163:00 PM

12CSetupPoulton 2Saturday7-May-168:00 AM

AAA1PackupPoulton 2Saturday7-May-163:00 PM

7B1SetupPoulton SSF 1Saturday7-May-168:00 AM

7I1PackupPoulton SSF 1Saturday7-May-163:00 PM

7B2SetupPoulton SSF 2Saturday7-May-168:00 AM

7B6PackupPoulton SSF 2Saturday7-May-163:00 PM

8B4SetupQuarry mini 1Saturday7-May-168:00 AM

8IPackupQuarry mini1Saturday7-May-163:00 PM

8B3SetupQuarry mini2Saturday7-May-168:00 AM

9I2PackupQuarry mini2Saturday7-May-163:00 PM

16GaB1SetupPoulton 1Sunday8-May-169:00 AM

PWL2PackupPoulton 1Sunday8-May-163:00 PM

AAWBSetupPoulton 2Sunday8-May-168:00 AM

PWL1PackupPoulton 2Sunday8-May-163:00 PM

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