Set up Roster 23/4

Here is the set up roster for the weekend . Please make sure when you pack up you put away the goals on the mini field . That means taking out the top and bottom cross bar and putting them away in the shed.All of the benches need to be put away . Make sure the container is locked after putting the gear in it.


13BSetupPoulton 1Saturday16-Apr-168:00 AM

AAA1PackupPoulton 1Saturday16-Apr-163:00 PM

13ASetupPoulton 2Saturday16-Apr-168:00 AM

AAEPackupPoulton 2Saturday16-Apr-163:00 PM

7B1SetupPoulton SSF 1Saturday16-Apr-168:00 AM

7I1PackupPoulton SSF 1Saturday16-Apr-163:00 PM

7B2SetupPoulton SSF 2Saturday16-Apr-168:00 AM

7I3PackupPoulton SSF 2Saturday16-Apr-163:00 PM

8B2SetupPoulton MiniSaturday16-Apr-168:00 AM

8B3PackupPoulton MiniSaturday16-Apr-163:00 PM

SetupSaturday16-Apr-168:00 AM

PackupSaturday16-Apr-163:00 PM

O35CSetupPoulton 1Sunday17-Apr-169:00 AM

PWL1PackupPoulton 1Sunday17-Apr-163:00 PM

AAWBSetupPoulton 2Sunday17-Apr-168:00 AM

PWL2PackupPoulton 2Sunday17-Apr-163:00 PM

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