Match Sheet for Non Comp Teams U6's to U11's

Important Note:

  • All match sheet must be pre-filled prior to the game and presented to the referee or official on game day 5 mins before kick off.

  • Make sure all players are listed and only tick players that are participating on game day.

  • This can be drop on Saturday before 4pm in the letter box next to the canteen at Poulton Park (Do not drop the match sheet at any other location)

  • Match Sheets can also be drop at the SFGA before 9am on Monday.

  • Failure to hand over the match sheet on time will incur in a fine.

Non Comp Match Sheet Sample

Drop off locations

Poulton Canteen
Morshead Dr,
South Hurstville
No later than Saturday 4PM

SGFA Jubilee Oval
Gate A, External Fence
Mail Box
No later than Monday 9AM

MatchSheet Non Comp Sample.JPG