How to register to play with CPRFC for the first time

Thank you for choosing to play with Connells Point Rovers FC, we will do our best to satisfy your requirements and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Before you register, read the information below, make sure to download an read this season handout and click on the appropriate registrationlink on this page. 

Click here if you never played for another club 

Click here if you've played for another club and would like to join CPRFC

Click here to download this season handout

What do you need before registering:

1) A passport style photo, 45mm x35mm, this is to be upload to the registration profile.

Registrations cannot be completed without this being done, this photo will be use to generate the player's FFA card (this is to  be collected from the club at the beginning of the season)

2) Formal ID; Birth Certificate, Passport or Drivers License.

Email a scan copy of your identification document to , make sure to add you FFA No to the subject line, your FFA No will be provided at the end of the registration process.

  1. Click on register online.

  2. Read and accept the agreement.

  3. Enter the players information add a password and create your account. 
    You will immediately receive an email with your FFA Number.
    click on the link provided to go through to the log in page.

  4. When you log in for the first time click “Make a Registration Now”.

  5. View and update your contact details and upload the players passport size photo to the profile

  6. Type in our Club name which is “Connells Point ".

  7. Under Select Role: choose “Player”

  8. Select Level <Enter Club Package> appropriate to your registration and click add.

  9. Click next to continue.

Acknowledging Terms and Conditions

  • Read and Acknowledge all Terms and Conditions and Click Next.

Payment Options Screen

  • Online by credit or debit card is required.


Answer Additional Questions

  • Save All Answers and Click Next.


Note: Unless you see an encryption code and fill the code in, then you have not paid online as yet. IF this happens, go back, press "Pay Now" again and redo your details.

Your Registration is Now Complete

  • You are now pending awaiting approval. The Club Registrar will now complete the final step of accepting your registration.  We will contact you directly to advise the next steps and will collect ID of the player at a future date to be determined.


A Note regarding Family Discounts in 2018

  • Please note that due to the changed registration conditions, we have had to change the way achieve their family discount. Family discount still applies to Junior Members, however, you will need to pay online and then request a rebate from the Club Treasurer. Please send email to including the names of the registrants for season 2018. Please allow 14 days for your rebate to be processed.
    We apologies for any inconvenience.

New to CPRFC
This is for players that have played for another club and would like to join Connells Point Rovers FC.

Please select the appropriate option.

Where do I go for help?

  • Call FFA Call Centre on (02) 8020 4199 or particularly if you are having problems finding yourself or retrieving your password because your email is not matching.


If you have any further queries, Please feel free to contact us on

New Players
This is for players that have never played for a football club before and would like to register for the first time.


All players who currently hold a registration to a different club must:


  1. Login to with their current FFA No and register to play.

  2. Update player's details as needed.

  3. Make sure to upload a passport size photo to the players profile.

  4. Change the current club information to "Connells Point" and continue with the registration process