At what age can a young player join the club?
We offer spots from ages 5 and up, so if your son or daughter are turning 6 or are already 6 years of age they can join CPRFC.

What age group is my son or daughter belong to?
If a player is turning any specific age in the current year, then the player is belong to that age group
ie: “my son is 5year of age now but will turn 6 in December, the correct age group is Under6s”
Keep in mind that some players based on their skill level will be allow to play upto 2 age groups up

When and where are the matches played?
Depending on the age group matches will be held on Saturday or Sunday the exact times are posted in advance one or 2 weeks in advance.

Under 6s & 7s Boy/Girls team Saturday morning
Under 8s & 9s Boy/Girls team Saturday morning
Under 10s & 11s Boy/Girls team Saturday morning or afternoon
Under 12s Boys to Premier League Saturdays
Under 12s Girls to Premier Women League Sundays

Where do we play?
Our Home ground is Poulton Park, but the season is played on a home and way bases, this means half of the matches will be play in different grounds across our area.

See the list of locations here.