CPRFC World Cup Gala Day 2018

Thank you to all the non-competition teams for participating in our WC2018 Gala day, we had lots of positive feedback.

It was an excellent experience for all those involved, from our players and their families, Coaches and Managers through to the organising committee and many volunteers who came to help on the day.

Special thanks to Adam and Lyndon Horne and Matt Lee, not just for taking the time to mark all the fields but for their dedication to club, Lance Condon our Gala Day Marshall, MC and Sports commentator on the Day, Chris Osbourne our score keeper, who was celebrating his birthday but decided to come along and volunteer, Shane Chapman and his family for organising the food and running the canteen, Nathan Casey and Alejandro Zamora as part of the Gala day organising Committee, Brett Nielsen for his excellent work capturing some of the best moments of our Gala day, Alex Sala our Club Secretary, Susie Agius our sponsor liaison, Lisa da Silva, our girls and women register, Chris Christodoulou, Thomas Pacinelli, David Haggart, Tom Williams, Marcus Condon, Jayden Nielson and Cooper Wellard from the under U16s who came along to help, Dante Zamora, Jake Anderson and Dean Skropidis from the U12bs, Dean Harriton for organizing the live site his coaches and all our Premier League players who came along and all the other parents who raised their hands and helped on the day.

We had well over 200 players and their families, it was impressive to see all parents encouraging their young athletes but even more impressive was to see all families supporting our club and the sport we all love.

Our special guess, Mark Coure, who came along to start our Gala Day with excellent news regarding a massive upgrade to our sports facilities.

We would like to thank the NSW government for their commitment to Our Club and of course our executive committee for their amazing effort to get this funding secured. There will more information coming over the next few months on this development.

And of course congratulation to all the finalists and champions across all division, CPRFC salutes you and thank you for your hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work.

CPR World Cup 2018 - 1st July

This is an inter club gala day for all non competition teams with the aim to celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this is designed to encourage young players to participate and learn more about football and it's importance around the world.

Playing format

All teams Age U6 and U7 will play 4 a side games among them selfs in 4 different groups or pools, the winners of each group will move the semifinals and winners of each semifinal will dispute the CPR World Cup  2018 Grand Final.

U8 and U9 will  play a 7 a side games among them selfs, into a single group or pool, the 1st and 2nd place will dispute the CPR World Cup  2018 Grand Final.

U10 and U11, due to the restriction on players all teams will be split into 2 separate teams (a/b) to  playing a 5 a side game in a mini field, all teams will be placed into a single group or pool, each team will play a minimum of 4 games, 1st and 2nd place will dispute the CPR World Cup  2018 Grand Final.

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U6/7 Schedule Matches


U8/9 Schedule Matches


U10/11 Schedule Matches